3rd MC meeting & 2nd Annual conference

2017-03-01 - 2017-03-02 All day
University of Tel-Aviv, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


The second working group meeting will be held at the University of Tel Aviv, Israel. Main Topics covered by the meeting are:

WG1- Materials, Fibres, Components and Technology

  • SG.1.1 Rare-earth Materials, undoped glasses, and characterization
  • SG.1.2 Fibre development and fabrication technology
  • SG.1.3 Gratings, filters and passive components
  • SG.1.4 Methods for modelocking, tuning

WG2- New laser , amplifier devices and coherent light sources

  • SG.2.1 Modelling and Design Tools
  • SG.2.2 MIR coherent line sources and continuum sources
  • SG.2.3 UV coherent line sources and continuum sources
  • SG.2.4 Power scaling issues

WG3- Applications

  • SG.3.1 Manufacturing
  • SG.3.2 Healthcare and Biomedical Applications
  • SG.3.3 Environment, Green Photonics, energy production, sensing and security


An Industrial session and a special session for Early Career Investigator and Women researchers are planned.

Location: Tel Aviv University, Israel

Proceedings: 1 page pdf summary and presentations will be available after the meeting on the Action website aflaser.eu

Contact: Prof. Amiel Ishayaa, ishaaya@bgu.ac.il, Prof. Stefano Taccheo s.taccheo@swansea.ac.uk



Program – DAY 1 March 1st 2017

815         bus pickup from Leonardo Beach Hotel to Meeting Venue.

845         Registration

900         Welcome addresses

Amiel Ishayaa, Conference Chair, Ben Gurion University, Israel

Ady Arie, Head of the School of Electrical Engineering Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Stefano Taccheo, Chair of MP1401 Action, Swansea University, UK

915         WG1 Materials, Fibres, Components and Technology – Introduction by the Chair, Kay Schuster,   IPHT, Jena, Germany

930         Romain Dauliat, XLIM Research Institute, France , “High power fiber laser combining an aperiodic                 fiber microstructuration and the novel synthesis approach Repusil”

945         Philippe Roy, XLIM Research Institute, France , “Implementation of PM/PZ propagation in all solid                aperiodic rod type fibres”

1000      Matthias Jäger , IPHT Jena, Germany, “Tapering of rod-type REPUSIL amplifiers for peak power        scaling and beam quality improvement”

1015      Peter Miluski, Bialystok University of Technology, Poland “Luminescent polymeric optical fibers          for compact light sources”

1030      Joris Lousteau, ORC, UK “Tellurite glasses and fibres for the development of coherent Mid-IR            supercontinuum source” (TBC)

1045      Coffee Break

1115      J.-B. Douchez, University of Nice, France, “Loss in rare earth doped optical fibers: a Photo-                 RadioDarkening Equilibrium Level as a function of the pump power and dose rate”

1130      Lidia Zur, FBK, Trento, Italy, “Silica-tin dioxide glass-ceramic photonic systems”

1145      Letitia Petit, Tampere University of Technology, Finland, “Er doped glass-ceramics”

1200      Dobroslawa Kasprowicz, Poznan University of Technology, Poland, “Up-conversion luminescence of            rare earth doped photonic materials ”

1215      LUNCH

1315      WG2 New laser , amplifier devices and coherent light sources – Introduction by the Chair, Irina Sorokina, Trondhaim University, Norway

1330      Elena Romanova , Saratov State University, Russian Federation, “Fabrication and characterization of            chalcogenide fiber based optical microcavities”

1345      Robert A. Minasian,  The University of Sydney, Australia, “Characterisation of amplitude and phase                Brillouin effects in optical fibres using an optical vector network analyser technique”

1400      Ignac Bugar, Photonics institute, TU Wien, Austria ” Mode-locked Ho-doped silica based fibre         oscillators operating beyond 2.1 mm”

1415      Mauro Pereira, Shieffield Hallam University, ” The Linewidth of Mid Infrared Coherent Intersubband            Sources”

1430      Filip Todorov,  UFE Prague, Czech Republic, “Thulium-doped high-power fiber laser with a polarizing           diffraction grating on the fiber facet”

1445      Tomas Nemecek “Chromatic Dispersion of Photonic Crystal Fibers for MIR Laser    Applications:      Measurement, Modelling and Uncertainties”

1500      Yoav Sintov, Soreq,  Israel “An overview of the R&D activities in Soreq in the field of fiber                   lasers”

1515      Coffee Break


1630      Close of the Session & Bus pick up for Hotel

1700      Bus leaves Hotel to Jerusalem Trip & dinner”



Program – DAY 2 March 2nd 2017

815         bus pickup from Leonardo Beach Hotel to Meeting Venue.

900         WG3&SIG1 -Application and Industrial Session, Introduction by Chairs Gianluca Valentini,             Politecnico di Milano, Italy and Matej Komanec, Prague University, Czech Republic

915         Jonathan Griffiths, University of Lincoln, UK  ” Suitability of Fibre Laser Sources for Applications   Involving Laser-Induced  Breakdown”

930         Ivan Petryshynets, SAS, Slovakia,  ” The wear resistance improvement of hot work tool steel  via      laser surface hardening ”

945         Damjen Klobcar, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, “Fibre laser welding of advanced high strength                  steels”

1000      Stefano Taccheo, Swansea University, UK ” Fiber lasers for biomedical applications”

1015      Bruno Sfe, Israel Center for Advanced Photonics, Tel Aviv , Israel, ” The Israel Center for Advanced Photonics ”

1030      Ran Marom, Elbit-systems Ltd.  Israel” Fiber Lasers at Elop ”

1045      Irina Sorokina, ATLA Lasers AS, Trondheim, Norway, “Fiber Based Tunable 2-3 um femtosecond      lasers and frequency combs for industrial and scientific applications”

1100      Coffee Break

1125      Mats Blomquist, Coherent, Sweden, “Maximum performance, Minimum loss – How Coherent        (former Optoskand) products optimize the beam delivery from your high-power lasers”

1140      Doron Barnes, Spectra-Physics Tel-Aviv, Israel,  ” Pulsed Fiber Lasers for Mobile Device        Manufacturing and Clean Energy Applications”

1155      Udi Ben Ami, Optisiv , Israel “TBD”

1210      Early Career Researcher and Women Researcher Session  Introduction by Chairs Anna Lukoviak,                 Polish Academy of Sciences, Wroclaw, Poland and Silvia Soria, IFAC-CNR Florence, Italy

1220      Tutorial: Roberta Ramponi, Politecnico di Milano & CNR-IFN, Italy ” Femtosecond laser    micromachining: an enabling tool for quantum technologies ”

1250      Verica Pavlic, Institute of Dentistry, Banja Luka, Bosnia&Herzegovina, ” Use of the lasers in                dentistry”

1305      Antreas Theodosiou, Frederick University/Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus, ” Selective       FBG mode excitation in MM POF using fs laser inscription method ”

1320      LUNCH

1410      Nerea Otero Ramundo, Laser Applications Centre – “Direct fabrication with ultrashort pulsed laser                of solid microneedles on metallic moulds for injection moulding”

1425      Mary Kostantaki, Foundation for Research and Technology- Hellas, Greece, “Optical fibre grating sensors targeting medical applications ”

1440      Svetlana Korsakova, Saratov State University, Russian Federation, ” Evanescent wave spectroscopy                in the mid-IR with the use of  multimode chalcogenide fibers and FTIR spectrometer”

1455      Jean-Charles Beugnot, FEMTO-ST Institute, France, ” Chalcogenide microwires for nonlinear             photonic devices ”

1510      Ramona Galatus, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, ” plasmonic phenomena and         fluorescent fiber”

1515      Conclusions

                  & Coffee Break

1530      MC Meeting (MC members and WG Chairs only)

1530      Lab Tour (Conference Attendees)

1730      END OF MC Meeting/Lab Tour: Bus pick up and return of all participants to the Hotel