MC & WG meeting

2015-07-09 All day
Budapest, Hungary


Presentations on Research Groups and Programmes


  1. Jager, IPHT, Jena, Germany, Introduction to Working Group 1
  2. Troles, CNRS, France “Mid-Infrared Fibres”
  3. Jaeger, IPHT Jena Germany “Fibre Manufacturing”
  4. Ferrari, IFN-CNR Trento, Italy “Novel Glasses”


  1. Prudenzano, Politecnico di Bari, Italy and S. Sujecki, Nottingham Unversity, UK: “Modelling of Fibre Lasers”
  2. Taccheo, Swansea University, UK ” Which wavelength is missing?”


  1. Dandrea, Polictecnico di Milano, Italy “Biomedical applications”,
  2. Mignani, IFAC-CNR, Florence, Italy “Food and Photonics”
  3. Katzir, Tel Aviv University, Israel, “Healthcare applications”

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