Special Interest Group

Techno economical aspects

Co-Chairs: Matej KOMANEC, Anke LOHMANN

Vice-Chairs: David BRABAZON, David MECHIN

Main lines of activity will be:

  1. Bring together all COST participants to outline the main targets/issues/needs achieved and needed in the field. Provide to all Action members and the general public a global view on standards and technological perspectives. Evaluate existing programs that overlap with objectives of the Action and support synergies at EU level and avoid duplications. Study the standardization status with particular attention to recommendations on lasers, safety and components.
  2. Provide a market drivers analysis (Advance Manufacturing, Healthcare and ICT). This will provide guidelines for manufacturers. Indeed the availability of low cost components is necessary for a strong commercial impact of new devices. On the other end until a market is established, it is unlikely that new components will be provided a low cost. This group will investigate possibilities of low cost components for UV and
  3. Evaluations of the technological impacts and social benefits. Contact outside this Action all the possible stakeholders like, industries, governmental bodies, consortia, EU projects, other COST Actions.

Main expected achievements are: Support the impact of laser device through white papers. Support the interaction between components provider, laser manufacturers and end users to speed up impact of Action scientific outputs. Provide the public with an understanding of the impact of lasers on society.

Dresden Meeting: Survey Presentation Supercontinuum Sources Survey